Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Speaking for millions of its members, the General Confederation of Trade Unions (GCTU) extends its deep sympathy and condolences to all victims of the terrorist attack in Moscow’s airport Domodedovo 24 January 2011, and takes compassion on their families, relatives and friends.

We strongly and explicitly condemn such crimes, especially as they hit peaceful and innocent people. Inhuman acts like that cannot be justified, whatever their motives or goals.

Trade unions in CIS countries are convinced that the authorities of the Russian Federation will do their best to ensure that the real perpetrators, orchestrators and masterminds of this monstrous atrocity are found and brought to justice. We insist that exhaustive measures be taken to prevent new such crimes endangering the sacred right of every human being to a safe life and a secure future.

The GCTU calls on all trade unions in the world to join efforts in the fight against any manifestations of intolerance, xenophobia and extremism. It is only through joint action that the world community will be able to successfully defend human rights and freedoms, and gain the upper hand over terrorism, this new plague of our times.

General Confederation of Trade Unions