Thursday, April 20, 2017
A special ceremonial session of the GCTU Council took place in the Palace of Labour in Moscow 14 April 2017 to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the General Confederation of Trade Unions.
Attending the event were the leaders of the GCTU affiliated organisations, members of the Council, trade union activists, and also guests of honour – trade union veterans, and high-ranking representatives of the leading bodies of the CIS, the EAEC, the Union State of Belarus and Russia, etc.
The report entitled "The General Confederation of Trade Unions: 25 years along the path of struggle and solidarity" was delivered by GCTU General Secretary Vladimir Shcherbakov who dwelt on the history of the Confederation, stressing, in particular, that the unification of trade unions in the GCTU ranks had helped mitigate the hardships of the transition period for workers.
The General Confederation of Trade Unions received numerous messages of solidarity from international and national trade union organisations, and state and interstate structures.
At the end of the grand meeting, leaders and veterans of the trade union movement and the heads of partner organisations were awarded the GCTU’s gold medal "For Service to the Trade Union Movement" and the Anniversary Silver Medal "25 years of the GCTU".