Thursday, March 16, 2023

The General Confederation of Labour of France
The French Democratic Confederation of Labour
The General Confederation of Labour “Force Ouvrière

Dear Colleagues, Comrades, Brothers and Sisters,
The General Confederation of  Trade Unions, which unites in its ranks about 30 mil-lion workers of the Commonwealth of Independent States, expresses its solidarity with the struggle of the trade unions of the French Republic against the reform of pension legislation proposed by the government of the country.
The principled position and well-founded protest of millions of French people against the government’s attempts to deprive people of important social guarantees won by many years of hard struggle, arouses the understanding and sympathy of the workers of our region.
The unity of all the leading trade union centres of the country, their ability to mobilize the masses, the scale of protest actions, the discipline and steadfastness of their participants testify to the high authority of trade unions in the working environment, acting as a responsible national force.
The actions of trade unions serve as an inspiring example for organizations of work-ers from all over the world in the struggle for their legitimate rights    and   interests.
We strongly condemn the manifestations of excessive force and brutality on the part of the police, shamelessly applying special means of suppression to peaceful protest-ing citizens, which fundamentally contradicts the centuries-old democratic traditions of the country.
We unanimously say “No!”   to the global offensive of capital on the world of work together with the fraternal trade unions and the common people of  France.  
We wish the trade unions and workers of France success in their just struggle!
Andrey Belyaninov
General Secretary, GCTU
Moscow, March 2023