Friday, December 7, 2012

Nicosia, Cyprus

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The General Confederation of Trade Unions (GCTU), on behalf of its member organisations, sends warm fraternal greetings to delegates and guests of the 26th  Congress of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour, and wishes them successful and fruitful work for the benefit of PEO members  and all workers in Cyprus.

Throughout its glorious history, the Pancyprian Federation of Labour has been waging a hard and effective struggle to protect the interests of its members, ensure decent working and living conditions for the country’s workers, and promote the unity of trade unions at national and international levels. This active and consistent policy has won it a high reputation and respect in the trade union movement in our region.

This Congress of PEO is taking place at a time when workers and trade unions in your country, like their counterparts around the world, are suffering from the severe effects of the global financial and economic crisis that hit the hardest the European economy. We are confident that your decisions will help you rebuff the attempts to overcome the difficulties of the post-crisis settlement to the detriment of working people, defend and enhance the gains of Cypriot workers, strengthen the position of PEO in society  and in the trade union world.

Once again, we confirm our unfailing solidarity with the fight by trade unions and all progressive forces of your country for the reunification of its two ethnic communities within a single and integral state, and express confidence that the fraternal cooperation of the GCTU and its affiliates with the Pancyprian Federation of Labour will continue successfully for the benefit of working people in our countries, in the name of peace and social progress
We wish you a successful Congress!

General Confederation of Trade Unions
Moscow, December 2012