Friday, November 15, 2013

Beijing, China

Dear Comrades,
The General Confederation of Trade Unions (GCTU), on behalf of its member organisations, extends warm fraternal greetings to the delegates and all participants in the 16th National Congress of Chinese Trade Unions, and wishes them a successful and fruitful Congress.

The whole long history of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions provides a worthy example of purposeful devotion to the cause of the working people. Its glorious traditions and its significant involvement in socialist construction, in the implementation of the reform and modernisation in China, and in the building of a socially oriented market economy, together with its consistent efforts to protect workers’ vital interests and improve the well-being of the nation - all this has won the ACFTU great respect and a high reputation both in China and abroad, including the countries of our region.

Today, in the context of globalisation and liberalisation of the world economy and the growing influence of transnational capital, the Chinese trade unions, like all unions in the world, are increasingly often faced with new and difficult tasks that call for non-trivial approaches and fresh solutions. We are positive the trade unions of China will successfully meet these challenges, continue to adequately protect the rights of the country’s workers, and make their positive contribution to strengthening the solidarity and unity of the international trade union movement.

Decisions to be taken by your Congress will undoubtedly promote the role and influence of trade unions in your society. We wish the Chinese unions and workers new accomplishments in the struggle they wage to improve the efficiency of the socialist market economy, and consolidate the position of China in the international community as a highly developed and prosperous nation.
May we assure you, dear friends, that we are determined to further strengthen the traditional fraternal cooperation of the GCTU and its affiliates with the All-China Federation of Trade Unions in the interests of the working people of our countries, in the name of peace and social progress.

Once again, we wish you a successful Congress!

General Confederation of Trade Unions
Moscow, November 2013