Participants in the 13th Congress of the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers – National Intersindical (CGTP-IN)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Almada, Portugal
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The General Confederation of Trade Unions (GCTU), on behalf of its affiliated organisations with a total membership of about 50 million workers, sends its fraternal greetings to the delegates, and all participants of the 13th Congress of the General Confederation of Portuguese Workers - National Intersindical (CGTP-IN).
Forty-six years have passed since the historical moment when Portuguese workers set up their own independent trade union centre, the National Intersindical, that has played a crucial role in mobilizing the masses for the struggle against the fascist dictatorship, and actively contributed towards the success of the April 1974 Revolution.
The history of the National Intersindical is a history of struggle by working people of Portugal for their political and socio-economic rights, trade union freedoms, peace and democracy, and against colonialism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, inequality and social exclusion.
At all stages of this struggle, the CGTP-IN has remained true to its traditions, democratic ideals, and the principles of international workers' solidarity.
In this troubled world, the international trade union movement needs, as never before, solidarity in order to put an end to the growing dominance of transnational corporations and international financial institutions. Only by acting as a united front, will we be able to rebuff the attacks on workers' rights, and stop the spreading of poverty and inequality.
The current surge of terrorism in the Middle East, instigated by ISIL, threatens to become a global disaster. The resultant massive influx of refugees into Europe has created new social tensions in the receiving states, and provoked the revival of hatred, intolerance and xenophobia. All this has aggravated the already tense, complicated atmosphere lately prevailing on this continent and in the world.
In this situation, the struggle for peace, security, and alleviation of political and military tensions becomes particularly urgent for workers. We are positive that trade unions of our countries will be making a significant contribution towards an early achievement of these objectives.
Let us assure you, dear Brothers and Sisters, that the GCTU and its affiliates are willing to continue and strengthen the links of friendship and fraternal cooperation with CGTP-IN and its sectoral federations in the name of peace and security, decent work and the triumph of social justice.
We sincerely wish you a successful Congress! 
General Confederation of Trade Unions

Moscow, 24 February 2016