Friday, April 29, 2016
The Executive Committee of the General Confederation of Trade Union (GCTU) held a regular meeting 21 April 2016 in Moscow’s Palace of Labour.
High on the agenda was the issue of ratification and compliance with ILO Conventions by the states where the Confederation has its affiliates. The keynote information was presented by a GCTU Deputy General Secretary, Albert Potapov. Among those who contributed to the discussion that followed were the leaders of the National Confederation of Trade Unions of Moldova (Oleg Budza), the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Abelgazi Kusainov), and the Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation (Sattar Mehbaliyev).
Speakers noted that the GCTU affiliates had done quite a lot to speed up the process of ratification. However, despite all their efforts, the progress has been slow. Over the past period, only Ukraine has ratified Convention No.117 concerning basic aims and standards of social policy.
The Executive Committee called on the members-organisations to continue working towards an early ratification by their countries of the 11 conventions, as recommended by the GCTU, and other major international labour standards. Particular attention should be devoted to Conventions No. 102 on Minimum Standards of Social Security, and No.168 on the Employment Promotion and Protection against Unemployment, so far not ratified by any of the region’s countries.
Participants heard reports on the working practices of the trade union newspapers "Belaruski Chas" (Belarus) and "Vocea Poporului" (Moldova). Executive Committee observed that the trade union centres of Moldova and Belarus had successfully managed to build constructive partnership relations with the journalist teams. Newspaper articles have often prompted the unions to take measures to assist work collectives and individual workers, or send appeals and inquiries to state authorities.
The meeting also reviewed the findings of the Executive Committee Commission that had studied the proposals for amending the GCTU Constitution presented earlier by the Confederation’s affiliates. The Commission got the instruction to proceed with the work, and report on its results to the next session of the Executive Committee to be held later in 2016.

The Executive Committee approved the plan of preparations for the 25th Anniversary of the General Confederation of Trade Unions that will be celebrated in April 2017, and adopted a statement on the World Safety and Health Day 28 April 2016.